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  • Download casino games or play directly in the Bowser?

    Most online casinos now work in such a way that all games in the portfolio work without downloading and without installation. The player just has to click on the corresponding game in his browser and off he goes. However, just a few years ago, it was common practice to download appropriate software before playing. Each casino had its own solutions. The principle: a program must be downloaded and installed. After starting the program, all the games that the casino has in its portfolio can be started with a simple click. But these times have long been a thing of the past.

    The advantages of modern online casinos

    Casinos like Vulkan Vegas, which have a large selection of real money online slot machine games, no longer offer any software for download at all. That's because of the way games are programmed for casinos these days. Modern providers like NetEnt, Microgaming or Yggdrasil do not offer any programs that can be executed on the computer. Instead, the player simply clicks on the desired game in the browser and a connection to the server is established. The download of the necessary game files takes place in the background and you can start in a few seconds. The advantages are apparent:

    ● No download

    ● No installation

    ● No space consumption on the hard disk

    Another advantage is compatibility. In the past, an online casino had to provide its software for several operating systems. Windows, Linux, Mac OS: All operating systems have different requirements for installed software. The files that are suitable for a Windows installation will not work on Mac OS or Linux. For the provider, this means higher costs for programming, maintenance and care of the programs concerned.

    By integrating the games in a browser, all of this is no longer necessary. Because the browsers that are necessary to display Internet pages or start applications all work on the same principle. It does not matter which operating system is to be used in the online casino, the main thing is that it is up to date. There are browsers in abundance:

    ● Edge

    ● Google Chrome

    ● Mozilla Firefox

    ● Safari

    ● Opera

    ● various other providers

    And the best part: almost all browsers are available for every operating system. And all of them can process HTML5 - the programming language with which all slots and table games are now programmed. Casino operators and software operators only have to bring out a single version of their game, compatibility is automatically given.

    Mobile play even without a download

    In one area, however, downloads of casino software or games were still common for much longer: in the area of smartphones and tablets. But a lot has already happened here with HTML5. Most slots that came out after 2013 work on both iOS and Android without a download. Problems can only arise with older titles. Because the old method of bringing slots and table games to people using Flash only works to a very limited extent on the go. Some casinos therefore offer their own software to download for iOS or Android.

    Still indispensable: software for poker

    There are some casinos that offer real poker games. And by that we don't mean video poker or the live dealer versions of large live casinos. We mean the variant in which the player competes against other games. Without a house edge. Real, real poker. And for this variant of online poker, you still need to download and install special software. It has a lot to do with security and anonymity. There is a lot of money involved here.

    Tips for online casinos without download

    For the user, it looks as if the games that are started from the browser are simply being run on the Internet as if by magic, leaving no traces or using up memory. But that is only the half truth. No software is installed and no download is carried out in the classic sense. Nevertheless, data ends up on the home computer. If you play a lot and try many different slots and table games, you will at some point confront the problem. Applications run more slowly and game interruptions can occur. Sometimes the games even refuse to work completely. Here's an important tip: The browser's cache (a kind of buffer for online applications) should be emptied regularly. This frees up memory and makes the computer faster again.